What do we do?

What To Expect on Your First Chiropractic Visit

Your first chiropractic visit will usually take around 45 minutes in the practice.

After welcoming you into our friendly vibrant practice our Chiropractic Assistants, Ali, Laurell, Jo and Rebekah, will make sure you’ve filled out the New Patient Form. You then fill out an important lifestyle questionnaire on our iPad. We utilise cutting edge technology to develop a Spinal Health Assessment score which you’ll see more of in the examination.

Your chiropractor, Matthew Doyle or Megan Torrey, will then discuss your health history and your health goals with you, and perform specific chiropractic, orthopaedic, and neurological testing procedures to check that you are in the right place to get the help you need.

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To determine if vertebral subluxation (altered function of your spine) is impacting your spinal health you will undergo a range of evidence based tests that build an accurate picture of your current state of spinal health. Non-invasive scanning technology will be used to record the electrical signals from your spinal muscles, the para-spinal temperature, and your heart rate variability. It gives us an indication of your neuro-spinal health and an objective measurement to track through your care progress.

If further examination is required (x-rays or referral to other health practitioners) you will be given all the relevant information and referred there before your next visit. Our chiropractic assistant will book you for your follow up visit to review your results. Depending on your history and assessments (safety and indications), your chiropractor may or may not adjust your spine on the first visit. This is on a case by case basis and your chiropractor will discuss this with you.

What To Expect on Your Second Visit

Your chiropractor will review your case results (your key history and examination findings, Spinal Health Assessment, Insight Subluxation Station scans, and any further tests such as x-rays) with you on your second visit and discuss whether or not we think our practice is the right place for you.

If we are the right place to help you, an evidence informed care plan based on your health goals, best available evidence, our objective assessments, and our clinical experience will be given. This generally includes regular chiropractic adjustments along with tailored rehabilitation exercises and lifestyle advice. You will likely be given your first adjustment once you’ve been informed of all your options, and consent to the program of care for recovery and a healthier state! This visit usually takes around 30 minutes.

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What to Expect during Regular Visits

Regular visits do not generally take as long as the First Visit and Report of Findings visit.

You are there for your chiropractor to discuss your health, assess and adjust your spine as necessary, and give any rehabilitation or lifestyle advice required. We always have heaps of great health information available, and we have regular talks on a variety of health subjects, from healthy eating, to healthy exercise, to keeping a positive mindset.

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We make sure that we do regular reassessments to check how you are tracking with your expected health goals. These will be a longer appointment again, as we need to reassess your Spinal Health Assessment and discuss any questions you have about your health journey. You will normally be adjusted on this visit and we make plans for your future care.

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